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8 weeks dedicated to your fitness & weight goals, with a twist...


By the end of camp, you will have the option to tick a 'boxing match' off your bucket list!!

All potential boxers will be matched up safely and accordingly basing it on their ability and weight category.

However, you can enter this 'camp' just to reach your goals & with no ambition to compete by the end of your 8 week journey.


We will get everyone fighting fit and looking & feeling like champions by the end of those 8 weeks, why wouldn't you want to show off what you have been working on!?

The event will, without a doubt be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have.

At the end of the 8 weeks of training you will be fitter than ever, in the best shape of your life and you will also have raised money for ________

We will be providing 2 group training sessions per week throughout your 8 week journey, we will also provide trophies, personalised vests for you to wear on the night and we will host a brilliant event that you, your friends and families will remember forever.

The training will start on Tuesday, 30th August and will run for 8 weeks. Training Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm at Dalmeny Health Club (19-33 South Promenade, Lytham St Annes FY8 1LX)


Everyone will train together for 8 weeks

(don't worry if you can't make every session, we understand that you have family & work commitments) and you will box someone of a similar weight, size and ability.


Additional PT sessions with Scott are also available from the gym at Dalmeny Health Club at affordable prices.

- You will need boxing gloves, hand-wraps, a headguard & a gumshield.
- A groin guard will be needed for fight night but not necessarily during the training camp. However, it is advised.
-More details to follow once you have signed up.