Let’s talk COVID 


We all know the drill now with the C word! 

If you’re feeling unwell or have any symptoms please do not turn up to the gym. 


If you have already booked a class and have symptoms please get in touch so we can organise your bookings. 


Wear a mask whenever possible. You do not have to wear a mask when training. 


All showers, toilets, changing rooms will be used to a minimum. 


The gym will be continuously sanitised and cleaned throughout the day. Also we will carry out a deep clean every evening. 


Please stick to the zones laid out for you and try keep as much distance as possible around the gym. 


All staff will wear PPE and the gym will be well ventilated throughout the day. 


Please sanitise your hands entering and exiting the building. We will also provide you with a spray to keep all work areas clean as you go!


 If you do not keep up with these guidelines we may have to cancel any association with CARDLE.

Thank You,

Scott Cardle
CARDLE Boxing Fitness Ltd.